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Education is the basis for the renaissance of nations and the secret of their progress. Therefore, we seek to make Al-Nahhas Private Language Schools advanced and creative that develops in learners the skills of understanding, application and problem analysis. It also works to spread the culture of active and interactive learning, and to provide a school environment conducive to creativity and innovation. We also seek to develop all parties of the educational process using modern and advanced training programs, as well as integrating parents into this system and applying national standards for quality and accreditation.

Chairman Message

I have the pleasure to meet you in Al-Nahhas Language Schools which is located in Dekernes city, thanks to Allah has seen the light after several years of continuous diligent work. Because we aspire to leadership and excellence, we have paid our attention to revitalizing school life and activating its roles in order to be able to transcend its traditional function to openness to its social and cultural surroundings, and make it characterized by vitality, creativity and individual and collective contributions.

Al-Nahhas Language Schools are an ambitious educational edifice with a vision that transcends the challenges of reality, by which we anticipate the thresholds of a bright future for our children and our country, in shaa Allah. Strong beginnings and encouraging successes lay the foundation for a great qualitative transfer in Dekernes city, and open new horizons for development and creativity in modern learning methods and means to catch up the world who realized that through education and with education alone nations progress and rise.

Based on the school's keenness to advance the level of education; it seeks to prepare a generation of thinkers and innovators to participate in the development of their societies. Benefiting from the challenges posed by knowledge and technological progress.  

 Our schools adopt strategies of continuous improvement and development through continuous professional development programs for all its employees,  as well as analysis, evaluation, and development of systems and methods of dealing with our students. Our schools also work to involve parents and students in this strategy. We believe in teamwork to reach an enjoyable and attractive educational process, and achieve goals and visions towards developing education and advancing its levels. We also emphasize that the family and the school are two factors involved in realizing the aspirations of our sons and daughters.

Dear Parents: We cannot but extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to you for your participation in upgrading and elevating the school and your constant support by expressing your comments and opinions. We are also looking forward with you towards a new, enjoyable, fruitful and successful academic year that we will start with the grace of Allah, trusting in the capabilities of the management of our schools, teachers, sons and daughters, parents and community participation to achieve together all our goals, ambitions and aspirations of parents with high determination, solid will and sincere effort sponsored by care of Allah.

Allah says:  And say: "Work (righteousness): Soon will Allah observe your work, and His Messenger, and the Believers.

Mr. Ashraf Al-Nahhas, Al-Nahhas Schools Chairman

Requirements to enroll in Al-Nahhas Language Schools

Please provide us with the following documents when applying:

  1. Fill in application form by the student’s parent / guardian in both Arabic and English
  2. Two recent personal photos of the student.
  3. A copy of the birth certificate and vaccinations.
  4. A copy of the civil ID of the student, mother, father or guardian.
  5. The last three academic certificates obtained by the student from the previous school, including the current academic year

Important Notes:

  • In the event of parental separation, please bring the custody judgment of the student along with proof of tutorship.
  • In the event of the death of the father, please bring proof of that (death certificate).

And the following documents after acceptance:

  1. The student's health file from the Egyptian Ministry of Health.
  2. Clearance certificate from the previous school (for students transferred within the Arab Republic of Egypt).
  3. Transfer certificate from the previous school.

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