Why US ?

We have a qualified Stuff

We are committed to provide the best qualified and most experienced teachers in Egypt, therefore, most of our teachers are fluent in English, or have an equivalent level of proficiency, in addition to holding recognized teaching degrees. We are also committed to improve the quality of educational process through the continuous training and development that our teachers receive to ensure that our students have a unique learning experience by our teachers who are able to make lessons useful, enjoyable and effective as well. 

Training workshop in preparation for the new academic year

With this staff, we will strive to achieve

Integrate technology into the educational process at all levels, with the participation of all parties.  

Link and integrate all parties of the educational process.

Spread the culture of active collaborative learning.

Transform teaching into training and learning.


Link the school and surrounding environment with local community and our country as a whole.

Provide an encouraging and developing school environment.


800+ parents trust us for their children education.

Join us now for a bright future for your children.

Also, Alnahhas Schools will provide

Smart Class Rooms  

Smart school furniture provides students with different seating options to get the most out value of the classroom space.

Integrating technology into the classroom, allowing students to move to a learning level of discovery and investigation.

A well-lit environment where lighting is an important part of 21st century classroom design. It is assumed that incandescent light bulbs will be replaced by natural ones, through the use of large windows with smart designs. This would make the students feel more comfortable.


Take advantage of the current technology, and remove the obstacles of time and physical space

Expand educational opportunities for all students, and develop rich, collaborative and vibrant learning environments

Nurturing highly structured thinking skills, facilitating the development of lifelong learners in the information age

Interaction in classrooms

The interaction between the teacher and students in the classroom is shown through non-verbal interaction and verbal interaction. Most famous studies, have shown that the teacher takes most of the time of the class by speaking and does not leave much room for the students to speak or dialogue. It was also found that the rate of students’ initiative to speak is very low, and the rate of mutual dialogue between students is very low.

It was found that positive role of students in lessons help them to learn quickly and efficiency. Therefore, our teachers were trained to increase interaction in classroom and reduce the dominant role in classrooms.

Science Lab

Laboratory experiments bring theoretical information closer to the mind of students. Also they help students to acquire some experiences and skills, help them to use devices, help students to be creative, and to develop the ability of design.

Lab experiments highlight the importance of taking caution while working; also bring students closer to the concepts of safety and security in a practical way. Students are accustomed to accuracy in work, because some laboratory experiments require accuracy in the weights of the materials used, and accuracy in operating conditions. Students will learn in groups and individual according to type of experiments.

Healthcare Management

 Al- Nahhas Language Schools provide health care to students while they are in school ensuring that all students have the health care provided.

Health education monitors and limits the spread of infectious diseases such as Corona disease.

It is a medical resource that leads to development of school policies. It promotes the general health of all school members and thus promotes positive educational outcomes. Helps to provide a safe learning environment. 

Smart Library

School library helps students to provide the experiences they have and not be satisfied with what the teacher says in lessons. The library encourages student and teachers to read and explore and increase the student's ability to understand and summarize.

Teaches students to calm down and appreciate the feelings of others, so that all can read. Grow the spirit of cooperation, participation and teamwork.

Helps all to gain new skills, high culture and experience.

Using the wasted time in something useful.


It helps the student to learn, feel pleasure, increases his ability to learn effectively. 

Develops student's sense of artistic and aesthetic taste, acquires moral courage that strengthens his self-confidence. 

Strengthening the student's relations with his school surroundings from his colleagues and teachers.

Directing the student's energies in a sound direction so that he becomes a conscious social personality.

Interesting education

The importance of recreational activities:

Physical health, in general, which leads to more focus along with diligence and interest in class study, which leads to more learning. They help increase mental health, which is essential for general physical health. Recreational activities help students become more self-reliant and self-disciplined. Also, recreational activities have been shown to improve the overall quality of life. A happier person finds it an easy task to take on new challenges. A person who is happy with himself will have no difficulty in dealing with common everyday problems more effectively.

Horse Riding

Horseback-riding sports have been popular since ancient times. Today there are many kinds of horseback-riding events, including horse racing, show jumping, and dressage. In horse racing, horses are ridden by our children.


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